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I'm not your average girl...

I’m Ashley Nicole Cvetnich... but some people call me C-VET... I'm 17 years old and a senior at Clintwood High School... I’m outgoing [[most of the time]]... I live for Basketball... I transferred schools to just to play basketball... I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for... My best friend is a goofy girl named Kayla McCoy [you'll hear more about her elsewhere on this site lol]... Since I transferred schools I've made so many new friends whom I love dearly & they have gained my trust so quickly [[Tammy, Tasha, Beth, Brittany, Allison, Kethena, Wendy, Kimmy, & more ♥]]... Tammy & I have gotten really close here lately & you'll hear more about her & some more of those girls on here later... I'm not a real partier- i've never had a drink of alcohol.. EVER ... I love going to church & growing in my relationship w/ God... I go to church every Sunday & most Sundays i sing... I have no idea what I'm gonna do when i grow up b/c I have soo many [[BIG]] dreams... I try to be exactly what everyone wants me to be & not just myself & i know thats bad... I believe anything anyone tells me [[again i know thts not good]]... i normally dont like to dress up... [[SWEATS]] + [[BASKETBALL TEES]] = <3... I have some regrets in life... my family means the world to me... my baby sister D'Anna is my mini me & she keeps me in check... my brother Bradley makes me laugh all the time & even tho he makes me mad I still love him... my mom & dad would so anything for me or to make me happy [[even if it means letting me transfer schools]]... my grandparents love me & spoil me... my cousins Alex & Haleigh are more like my sisters than cousins, i can talk to them about anything & they'll listen to me vent at any time... i trust WAY TOO EASILY... when i like someone i fall [[fast]] & [[hard]]... & you guys will hear about that person who i've fallen for on here later... but that's a pretty good introduction about me... if you like what you see here then look around some more... i'm pretty cool. lol. =]


Well, our football team is pretty much the shiz! We're going to state next week WHOO HOO!!!

Let's bring it on home boys!